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Yes internet really will make money

November 11, 2009

today i had to help with new job but still not new i dishwasher but you need to be friendly so i help setup and talk to nice people who explain they are viva vegas because make it with internet. i think that always never will works but it had and tons of them. they call it the pubcon i write it down, they say my home can help me to be money more then my family is caring and wishes best so now will work. i have 2 secret sites to be newbieb at they give me to go , so i do and i am wow my mouth will be open for 2 months from what i saw. just not thinking sad money but great!


Wow lady love job !

March 1, 2009

the luck of american women lady got me to find job that is for me to stay usa and not home! so lady love as you say is again strikes! now i hotel for eating washer because you always have to eat, so this will be a job to stay for good!

Lost job got going back

February 11, 2009

job has lost because what i have is not anymore needs, but i see others same way so bad i like here very much yes. miss family but here is very nice so much but i will try to find new work but english is not good from me. and my old job limited in how i work.

Paalmadhiyan Suresh

January 2, 2009

am Paalmadhiyan Suresh have been USA with visa for hotel work . and other cousin is has been here. i hope very much to learn my shares with you all on here

Hello world!

January 1, 2009

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